Born on 30 June 1963, Stéphane comes from a family of artists. When he was a child, he was found to be exceptionally gifted (IQ of 187 on the Stanford Binet scale), and has succeeded in developing the aspects of his personality through the expression of his art.

His work reflects this, and the qualities that flow from it are :

  • imagination
  • a taste for the new
  • originality
  • perfectionism, or the taste for the absolute

Originality, intensified by an especially imaginative spirit and a sharp sense of perfectionism, are the characteristic traits of an artist who is on a never-ending search for the absolute.

The concept of robots satisfies the search for immortality pursued by artists, and fulfils the fantasy of creation. Since the beginning of time, Man has sought to go beyond his humanity by studying the means of creating life artificially.

Robots are made in the image of the modern indefatigable, independent and reassuring human being.

Stéphane's works force those who view them to explore their imaginations and thereby catch a glimpse of something that does not exist.

Stéphane and Albert II Prince of Monaco

Stéphane with Albert II Prince of Monaco


Adriana Karembeu and Totor

Stéphane avec Mimmo Rotella

Stéphane and Mimmo Rotella

Stéphane avec John McEnroe

Stéphane and John McEnroe




Miami, 2017

Monaco, 2017

Nice, 2017

New York, 2017

Miami, 2016